We are Joseph and Teresa, live in Las Palmas de G Canaria, our story started many years ago with a shaded silver Persian male named knowing, of aí departed the idea of putting in his memory the name of our kennel, we went slowly falling in love of this race, the king of the sofa as well call it, the past few years acquired a van Persian female named Blue Moon. At present we have our little farm official, who for me is like a dream come true, this passion for the feline world, so we help in daily work of caring for them , so they are beautiful, strong and healthy, because for us it's a great hobby that we share with many ilucion, our main objective is to improve breeding the best bloodlines. We belong to the Spanish Cat Club (CFA)
We have to thank those who have entrusted us with their cats. Enjoy your visit! and do not forget to sign our guestbook.

Tere Hernandez Sosa

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