Dimelazaro Kira

Knowing Elsa


Knowing Darnell


Knowing Thais



Dimelazaro Pelusa Of Knowing Cattery



D'Eden Lover Emily Of Dimelazaro

Co-owned with Dimelazaro - Retired

Fare & Kuori lines


Ch Knowing Humphrey


Monarcha Hebe of Knowing Cattery


Manfred of Knowing


Knowing Simba


Knowing Cotton


Knowing Luna

Knowing Leyre


Knowing Pelusa



 Knowing Dakota

Sold to Australia

Knowing Zaira


Knowing Tiziana


Knowing Scandal


Knowing Hugo

Watch Hugo Video here

Sold to Russia

GC Knowing Donitz

Sold to Australia

Watch video here ...


Knowing Nayra

red female - en Malasya


Knowing Amy

calico female - en Portugal


Knowing Erwin

Macho bicolor azul


Knowing Lucy

Hembra bicolor negra - calidad exposicion y cria
propietaria Andrea de Fuerteventura


Knowing Cloe

calico diluida




Knowing Romeo

Male bicolor propietaria Nathalie de Tenerife calidad show


Knowing Shadow

Macho azul propietaria Nathalie de Tenerife calidad show


Knowing Cattery Gara

 calidad show, propiedad of El Shuringa Claudia de Suiza

Campeona Internacional FIFe Knowing Cattery Gara of el Shuringa, Winner Persian special Show 3-6 month

BEST IN SHOW 3-6 month at the international cat show in Buchs SG.

19./20. März 2011 Internationale Katzenausstellung Dietikon (CH) 2 x CAC, 2 x nom.BIS

04./05.Dezember 2010 Internationale Katzenausstellung Zuchwil (CH) 2 x V1, 2 x nom.BIS

09./10. Oktober 2010 - TICA Ausstellung Salzburg (A)
14 x Best Colour
AB Final Judge B. Berthelon 10. Platz

06./07. November 2010 - Internationale Katzenausstellung Buchs (CH) 2x V1, 2x BIS, Winner Persian Sondershow Kitten

16/17 April 2011- Internationale Katzenausstellung Baar (CH)
1 CAC, 1 CACIB, 1 x nom.BIS

23/24 April 2011- Internationale Katzenausstellung Lauterach (A)


Knowing Cattery Rapunzel

calidad show y cria propietaria Monica de Vigo        


Knowing Cattery Skipper

 vive en Las Palmas



macho negro calidad show propietaria Zuleikha de Las Palmas


    Knowing Cattery Tao

Macho negro calidad de compaņia propiedad de Paola y Enrique.